The goal of recruiting is to attract and retain people with the talent that organizations need in order to succeed now and in the future. Succeeding tomorrow depends upon choosing the right people today. At LCS, we provide our clients with a competitive edge by identifying outstanding people with critical and strategic skills.  We excel by not just finding candidates but by finding the best candidates. We save you time and expense by eliminating unqualified prospects.  We know the importance of hiring good employees in order to have a successful business. If you find your organization is having no luck in landing a candidate, or if you have trouble giving your recruiting search the attention it requires, consider using LCS for your recruiting services. We work at matching candidates with jobs, taking on the responsibility of the search and screening process for you.  The number one advantage we offer your organization is our ability to find candidates that you would otherwise be unable to approach.  We can recruit individuals who are currently employed, whether they are actively or passively looking for a job, or not even in the hunt.

You interview. You hire. You have problems. You fire. It is a vicious cycle that can be ended. The interview process is flawed because candidates – particularly those with experience in interviewing – know the “right” answers to the usual interview questions. Candidates put their best foot forward and can display desired behaviors and work ethics during an interview. But when on the job, those skills and behaviors often are not present. Once the substance of a candidate is discovered below the “interview veneer,” you then realize that the candidate did not fit the position, the organizational culture or other important criteria and the process begins anew. Many candidates are less than honest during interviews, lie on their resumes, overstate their qualifications, and omit past positions due to negative results. With a thorough interview process developed through experience in hiring and aligning candidates with organizations, LCS facilitates your ability to evaluate the substance of a candidate, not just the persona they utilize to obtain a job offer. Be able to hire the person you desire, not the persona you will eventually be forced to fire.

Before you solicit candidates for your organization, do not make the mistake of missing the critical step of conducting an internal evaluation of your company and the available position.  Organizations often attract candidates that are unqualified or otherwise less than impressive because they did not conduct a self-assessment to identify in detail the specific requirements – both concrete and intangible – that they seek in a desirable candidate.  At LCS, we conduct our unique “Reverse Interview” process to examine the culture of your organization, the duties, goals and objectives of the position to be filled, management style and expectations, compensation structure, opportunities for advancement within the organization, and other critical information. This reverse interview process identifies and defines your organization’s available position as not just a slot to be filled but an attractive opportunity for even the best candidates. Winning candidates seek out a winning team, and candidates recognize that a selection process with substance means that the organization only hires winners. With the portfolio of information obtained from LCS’s reverse interview of your organization, you will be able to not only attract the best candidates, but convince them that your organization is a vital step in their career path.

LCS offers a wide range of services to suit your particular needs. We can offer as broad or as focused a level of assistance as you desire. By allowing LCS to conduct a substantial portion of the recruiting process, you are able to focus upon your business and focus upon only those candidates that merit your personal attention.  During a full engagement, after assisting you through the reverse interview process, we will commence the search and interview process for suitable candidates.  We will identify prospective applicants, and sort through those applicants to remove those that do not meet the basic qualifications for the position. The applicants will then be sorted and presented to you with the most qualified being highlighted by us.  If you prefer, LCS can conduct preliminary interviews, testing or other investigations of the candidates to further sort through candidates. With LCS, both you and the candidates will have quicker feedback and proceed through the process more smoothly. Astute candidates often consider an organization’s recruiting process as an indicator of that organization’s culture and how they will be treated as an employee. Avoid losing a terrific candidate due to a meandering hiring process.

Recruiting is a specialized process that can be tailored to produce dynamic results for your organization and provide your organization with personnel who are focused, trained and motivated to achieve and often exceed your expectations. Let LCS turn your expectations into reality.