The goal of organizational development is to increase the long-term health and performance of an organization, while enriching the lives of its employees.  Organizational development targets the organization's culture, including systems, processes, and rewards. By bringing out the best in their employees, organizations can reach optimal effectiveness and increase profits.

LCS emphasizes the use of cultural surveys as one of the effective methods used in organizational development. It is increasingly understood by effective leaders that decisions  are made and actions are taken within the context of a culture.  Cultural surveys provide the tools to quantify certain elements that can lead to better decisions and more effective actions in an organization.

Cultural Surveys consist of a series of structured questions formulated to provide responses in both quantitative and qualitative formats. The questions can be used to identify the values, beliefs and perceptions of employees in an organization that are otherwise difficult or impossible to assess. The survey may seek to establish employee perceptions regarding the company in a broad sense, or may be focused on a specific area of interest.  In all instances the survey provides valuable insights into an organization, can assist in determining where to allocate resources, and can help management to monitor changes in culture and perceptions over time.

LCS will work with your organization to develop and test assumptions about the cultural characteristics of your organization and then map out a strategy that will improve organizational effectiveness.

LCS also uses a 360 degree assessment method in organizational development.  The  360 degree assessment is the most comprehensive type of review of an organization.  It gives individuals a chance to know how they are seen by others, to see their skills and style, and it may also improve communications between people.  It includes self ratings, peer review, and upward assessments; feedback is sought from everyone. 

A 360 degree assessment helps by bringing out every aspect of an employee's life.  It also helps those who have conflicts with their boss or manager.  A 360 degree assessment generally has high employee involvement and credibility, and it may have the strongest impact on behavior and performance.  It may result in better working relations; better communications; more information on management performance and style; increased effectiveness and productivity of individuals and the organization as a whole; a better understanding of organizational priorities; knowledge of training needs; and greater employee input in designing self-development plans.