Executive Coaching
Employers’ high-value employees, like high-performance vehicles, require attention and care.

These key employees, whether they are on the fast track or facing a critical performance junction, may require face-to-face support designed to further develop a champion or fix a career-crippling behavioral handicap.

When a key employee faces a performance or behavioral challenge, trying to train or educate the issue away often does not work. These key performers may know something is not right but lack the tools to fix the personal problem. The problem may involve fear of losing control (autocratic behavior), time management issues (schedule commitment failure) or communications problems (failure to present well to superiors).

Left unaddressed, the behavior eventually cripples the key performer, the organization eventually loses the talent and, worse, has to replace the performer, with all the attendant costs and lost productivity.

The answer to this problem is Executive Coaching. Executive Coaching provides organizations with a tool to fix the problems of high performers that have behavioral or performance issues, and assists these people in becoming more effective managers and leaders.

LCS’s comprehensive Executive Coaching services are flexible. We recognize one size does not fit all, and we tailor the Executive Coaching program to the organization’s and individual’s needs.

Executive Coaching services include the following components:

Coach/Employee rapport-building
Coaching and Development for Change
Feedback to Employer
Follow–up assessment to verify desired results were achieved